Below is a collection of quotes from game reviews that related directly to Allaway’s work on the games. 

2064: Read Only Memories

“In the course of your investigation, you’ll befriend a sassy Southern hacker, a grumpy cat-person lawyer, and ally with a pair of goofy juvenile delinquents. Every character has distinct outlooks and opinions that paint a detailed picture of Neo San Francisco.”

-Heather Alexandra, Kotaku


“Representation matters, and the game illustrates that games can have a compelling story that isn’t about diversity while including a great degree of it at the same time. ”

– Natalie Flores, RPG Site


“This[the voice acting] is all boosted by a great script, some lovely moments of writing, that manages to be witty without being wacky, and severe without being morose.”

-John Walker, Rock Paper Shotgun


“In fact, wherever you turn you find extra little worldbuilding touches that go above and beyond what is necessary just to tell the story.”

-Peter Mattsson,