Once, after choking on a piece of food, Jen had to ride in an ambulance because they didn’t know if the food had fallen into her lungs or not. To stay calm, she asked the EMT to playtest a game she was working on. 

Jennifer Allaway is a Game Designer, Writer, and Academic currently living in Brooklyn, NY. She broke into the game industry with her landmark research on the prevalence of sexism in the game industry and it’s impact on game content. Since then, she’s done contract work on several successful indie games, including 2064: Read Only Memories and Shardlight. She finishes her MFA of Game Design at the NYU Game Center in May 2017 and looks forward to finding even more playtesters in all the wrong places.

To contact her, send her a public message on twitter @AllawayJ. If you would like to email, follow and wait for a DM.