The following endorsements of my skills can all be found on my LinkedIn page here.

AAA Recommendations

Michael Austin – Creative Director, Unannounced D&D Project, Hidden Path Entertainment

Jennifer worked indirectly for me at Hidden Path Entertainment.

Jennifer is a hard-working writer with a deep knowledge of romance and relationship patterns. She is passionate about not just writing but the adjacent areas (music lyrics, languages, character design), and is constantly working to push herself and learn new skills.

Her positive attitude is contagious, and she is responsible for creating several great social groups that helped connect coworkers through the COVID isolation.

With skill, a growth mindset, and her ability to bring people together, Jen will go far!

Whitney “Strix” Beltrán, Narrative Director, Unannounced D&D Project, Hidden Path Entertainment

I worked with Jennifer closely for over a year.

She has an incredibly strong grasp of romance systems and romance writing. She thinks deeply about character design, character psychology, and player expression which she applies systemically as well. She can put her nose to the grindstone and write dialogue for days and days. Then, immediately turn around and switch gears to working on narrative prototypes or whatever else I put her up to.

What I really love about Jen is that she will face any challenge, and she will find a way to do it with positivity and grace. She has a growth mindset, and I know that will take her far. More importantly, she is kind, operates with integrity and professionalism, and can always be counted on to do what she thinks is the right thing. She is a tremendous value add to any studio culture, and will work actively to contribute to diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Alexander Youngblood, former Progression Designer, Unannounced D&D Project, Hidden Path Entertainment

Jen is a fantastic and enthusiastic collaborator with a formidable talent for writing that brings characters to life. Jen’s passion for game development is contagious and a massive boon to any team lucky enough to work with her. Jen is an incredibly thoughtful coworker dedicated to creating inclusive and welcoming spaces for others to flourish and express themselves. I have also had the privilege of witnessing Jen’s tremendous capacity to adapt and grow over time, it’s always a treat to witness what she will do next!

Indie Contract Recommendations

Dave Gilbert – CEO and Lead Designer, Wadjet Eye Games

“Short version: Hire her before someone else does!

More detailed version: I hired Jennifer Allaway as a freelance narrative consultant in July of 2015. She entered into a project that was in sore need of some narrative tuning. She went over each dialogue exchange and made edits. She helped develop characters that were lacking – creating motivations and backstories that fit the world and its themes. All the while making sure everything was kept consistent. Jennifer’s work often went above and beyond – evolving our project from one that I was merely settling for to one that I became genuinely excited about.

Jennifer is reliable, dedicated, and more passionate about games and game narrative than anyone I know. Any project would be lucky to have her.”

Mobile Studio Recommendations

Max Doty, Head of Story – Pixelberry Studios, Choices: Stories you Play

” Jennifer served Pixelberry admirably. She was a fountain of creative ideas both in terms of stories and narrative design systems. Jennifer is also a consummate professional, an excellent communicator, and an eager contributor. In her time with us she took on roles as various as writing chapters, leading her own project, and managing others. “

Owen Javellana, Senior Writer – Pixelberry Studios, Choices: Stories you Play

“Jennifer was great to work with. As her manager and the senior writer leading one of her projects, I can attest that she was an excellent addition to our team. As a writer, she is clever, cooperative, and responds well to notes and direction. She has great organization skills, and often suggested new tools and systems to keep our work pipeline on-task and efficient.

Furthermore, her attitude toward work is amazing. She is quick to learn, eager to help, and a great team player. She has my enthusiastic endorsement. Any team is lucky to have her as a member!”

Steve Demeter, Formerly Lead Engineer – Pixelberry Studios

“Jennifer was one of my favorite people during our time together at Pixelberry. Her positive team attitude is infectious, and had a huge impact on those around her. Her work deliverables were always top notch, and I enjoyed seeing where she led our characters next. Would be very luck to work with her again.”

Rachel Hirst, Writer – Pixelberry Studios, Choices: Stories you Play

“Jennifer and I collaborated together at Pixelberry writing together on Baby Bump 2.

She brought such a go-getting attitude, an inquisitive spirit, and a passion for branching narrative to the team. Her writing skill – particularly in romance – is excellent as is her ability to match existing character voices.

Anyone would be fortunate to work together with a great person like Jennifer.”

Personal Recommendations

John Ryan, Writer at Tactile Games; formerly ArenaNet and Bungie

“This is the hardest recommendation that I ever had to write because I can’t find the words to do Jennifer justice. She’s damn good at what she does. She can fearlessly lead a team through a project, write solid prose with enviable speed, edit her copy without ego, collaborate like a pro, and maintain her cool in the harshest of environments.

I’m biased: I’m damn lucky to have been her former mentor, but it’s more than that. I’ve had that rare honor to meet a writer at their start and help them hone their craft. I’ve coached her through writing exercises. I’ve watched her build her narrative chops, her confidence, her transition from rookie to a seasoned game dev veteran. As a lightning-quick study, she outgrew me and left the nest — soaring as a writer, a narrative designer, an organizer, a director. She’s seamlessly written successful for various genres, has been lauded for her craft, and has the stuff for a long, celebrated career.

We’re lucky to have Jen in this crazy and fickle business. You’ll rarely find anyone in game narrative with her combination of talent and hustle. And if you are reading this and wondering if you should hire her – do it. If I could, I would. And let’s be clear: if you don’t hire her, your competitor will. And then you’ll find yourself competing against her, which…you know…will suck for you. Bold? Maybe. But I believe in Jen Allaway, and boy howdy you should, too.”