Additional Experience

(2016) Design Internship – Mountains of Madness

  • Extensively playtested early copies of the game to find problems in the play experience
  • Rapidly prototyped and tested solutions to help the lead designer hone in on the best parts of the core game loop
  • Organized and contributed to extensive design documentation with the other interns that were delivered weekly to the main designer
  • Had regular bimonthly meetings with the design lead to discuss our feedback and his input for us as a team. 
  • Game released and was a commercial success. 

(2016) Head Team Adviser – National Student Leadership Conference (Game Design)

  • With a staff of 6 people under me, together we taught, mentored, shepherded and looked after over 140 high school students over the course of two 10 day sleepaway camps. 
  • Lectured high school students on game design and led several activities to get them actively engaged in the curriculum
  • Conferred with the Program Director daily to update him on how the students were doing and what we should specifically focus on addressing
  • Led the students through several leadership and team building exercises, which led to greater emotional intelligence and confidence
  • Game Design program was the highest rated program of the 14 offered options for students coming to the camps. 


M.F.A in Game Design, NYU Game Center Class of 2017

B.A in Sociology, Willamette University Class of 2015

Academy of Arts Summer Program: August 2011

Honors and Accolades

Public Speaking


  • ECGC 2017: Autobiographical Game Design
  • PAX DEV 2017: A Conversation About Crunch (Moderator )



Academic Writing

(2018) Woke Gaming: Digital Challenges to Oppression and Social Injustice : Contributing Author, Sexism in the Game Industry. 

(2014) Jezebel(Featured): #Gamergate Trolls aren’t Ethics Crusaders; they’re a hate group

(2014) Gamasutra(Featured): The Reality of Sexism in the Game Industry