Work Experience (Games)

2017 – Present

  • Junior Game Writer – Pixelberry Studios [CURRENT POSITION]

    • Skills involved: Collaborative Writing, Rapid Brainstorming, Editing, Excel Proficiency, Programming, Organization, Communication, Interdisciplinary Work, World Building, Lore Building, Tone-Matching, Short Dialog, Long-Dialog, Premium-Upsells, and more.
  • Expert in Interactive Writing – Pocket Gems
    • Skills involved: Critical Reading, Narrative Editing, Narrative Branching, Story Boarding, Character Design, Programming, Schedule Management, Tone-Matching, Dialog writing, concise descriptions, Camera direction.


  • Narrative Consultant – Wadjet Eye Studios, Unavowed

    • Skills involved: Level Design, World Building, Story Boarding, Narrative Outlining, Object Descriptions, Workshopping Narrative, Writing Dialog, Writing Poetry, Coordinating with Lead Designer, Mechanical Design, Documentation Generation.


  • Lead Writer(Contract) – Midboss, 2064: Read Only Memories

    • Skills involved: Character Workshops, Writing Dialog, Coordination with Design Team,  Script Doctoring, Content Negotiation


  • Design Internship – Rob Daviau

    • Skills involved: Rapid prototyping, extensive playtesting, paper prototyping, documentation of player feedback, organization, communication, iterative design, word, excel, InDesign


  • Head Team Adviser – National Student Leadership Conference (Game Design)

    • Skills involved: Managed a staff of 6 other people, and together we managed 70 high school students over a space of 10 days. Communication, Education, Game Design Instruction, Public Speaking and Presentation, Documentation, Team Building Exercises, Organization and Planning, Leadership Training.


  • Crew Member – SCRAP Real Escape Games

    • Skills involved: Memorization and Detail-Oriented Planning, Customer Service, Dungeon Mastering, Theatrical Performance, Instruction, Public Speaking, Communication, Game Testing, Game Balancing.


  • Narrative Consultant – Wadjet Eye Studios, Shardlight

    • Skills involved: Dialog writing, Object descriptions, World Building, Character Workshops, Script Doctoring, Song Writing,  Communication with Sound and Game Designers.


M.F.A in Game Design, NYU Game Center Class of 2017

B.A in Sociology, Willamette University Class of 2015

Academy of Arts Summer Program: August 2011

Public Speaking


  • ECGC 2017: Autobiographical Game Design
  • PAX DEV 2017: A Conversation About Crunch (Moderator )



Published Writing


Community Participation

Honors and Accolades