Most Recent Position

(2021- 2022) Senior Narrative Designer – Hidden Path Entertainment

  • Wrote a high volume of quality voice-driven dialogue and in-game text that is engaging, and tonally consistent within the world
  • Collaborated with the Project Narrative Director on brilliant narrative system designs that received positive feedback from across the company.
  • Implemented dialogue in the Unreal 4 engine using proprietary tools still in development.
  • Created essential documentation for the entire team writ large, including a narrative style guide spanning dozens of pages to keep our narrative consistent.
  • Remained flexible and positive to creatively adapt when the needs of the game changed

Additional Previous Work Experience

Educational Opportunities

(2021) Program Director of the Velocity Scholarship Program – IGDA Foundation

  • Ran a 6 week long online boot camp that took marginalized people who haven’t yet broken into the game industry and prepared them to land their first games job faster
  • Prepared curriculum materials and application forms to ensure we received the best possible candidates for our program
  • Used social media savvy to guarantee the maximum number of qualified candidates applied to join the program
  • Pored through over 135 applications to find 15 people uniquely suited for our specializations.
  • Created and taught specialized curriculum focused on the needs of our program participants
  • Ran regular meetings checking in with my staff and coordinating our efforts to provide the smoothest possible experience for both volunteers and recipients. 

(2016) Head Team Adviser – National Student Leadership Conference (Game Design)

  • With a staff of 6 people under me, together we taught, mentored, shepherded and looked after over 140 high school students over the course of two 10 day sleepaway camps. 
  • Lectured high school students on game design and led several activities to get them actively engaged in the curriculum
  • Conferred with the Program Director daily to update him on how the students were doing and what we should specifically focus on addressing
  • Led the students through several leadership and team building exercises, which led to greater emotional intelligence and confidence
  • Game Design program was the highest rated program of the 14 offered options for students coming to the camps. 

(2016) Design Internship – Mountains of Madness

  • Extensively playtested early copies of the game to find problems in the play experience
  • Rapidly prototyped and tested solutions to help the lead designer hone in on the best parts of the core game loop
  • Organized and contributed to extensive design documentation with the other interns that were delivered weekly to the main designer
  • Had regular bimonthly meetings with the design lead to discuss our feedback and his input for us as a team. 
  • Game released and was a commercial success.


M.F.A in Game Design, NYU Game Center Class of 2017

B.A in Sociology, Willamette University Class of 2015

Academy of Arts Summer Program: August 2011

Honors and Accolades

Public Speaking


  • ECGC 2017: Autobiographical Game Design
  • PAX DEV 2017: A Conversation About Crunch (Moderator )



Academic Writing

(2018) Woke Gaming: Digital Challenges to Oppression and Social Injustice : Contributing Author, Sexism in the Game Industry. 

(2014) Jezebel(Featured): #Gamergate Trolls aren’t Ethics Crusaders; they’re a hate group

(2014) Gamasutra(Featured): The Reality of Sexism in the Game Industry