Current Position

(2022 – Current) Senior Game Writer – Monolith Productions

I’m currently working at Monolith Productions on their highly anticipated Wonder Woman title. Details are very limited at this time. Be sure to check back later into the production cycle!

Previous Work Experience

(2021- 2022) Senior Narrative Designer – Hidden Path Entertainment

  • Wrote a high volume of quality voice-driven dialogue and in-game text that is engaging, and tonally consistent within the world
  • Collaborated with the Project Narrative Director on brilliant narrative system designs that received positive feedback from across the company.
  • Implemented dialogue in the Unreal 4 engine using proprietary tools still in development.
  • Created essential documentation for the entire team writ large, including a narrative style guide spanning dozens of pages to keep our narrative consistent.
  • Remained flexible and positive to creatively adapt when the needs of the game changed

Educational Opportunities

(2021) Program Director of the Velocity Scholarship Program – IGDA Foundation

  • Ran a 6 week long online boot camp that took marginalized people who haven’t yet broken into the game industry and prepared them to land their first games job faster
  • Prepared curriculum materials and application forms to ensure we received the best possible candidates for our program
  • Used social media savvy to guarantee the maximum number of qualified candidates applied to join the program
  • Pored through over 135 applications to find 15 people uniquely suited for our specializations.
  • Created and taught specialized curriculum focused on the needs of our program participants
  • Ran regular meetings checking in with my staff and coordinating our efforts to provide the smoothest possible experience for both volunteers and recipients.