2064: Read Only Memories

A lost ROM named Turing breaks into the apartment of a struggling journalist to ask for help. They claim to be the first sapient machine—not a simulation of life but a genuinely self-aware artificial being—and the technical genius who created them has gone missing. Can you unravel the shocking conspiracy that threatens to rock an entire society? Or will the darkness that lies behind the bright neon lights of Neo-SF consume you?

I was the lead writer on the re-make of the existing game Read Only Memories. This meant taking all 8 hours of the game’s text (which is a lot, in a game as text heavy as a visual novel) and rewriting all of it to prepare the game for voice acting. I worked on very tight schedules, sometimes only receiving a character’s script to edit only a few days before the voice actor was going to be in the booth with the material. I also wrote completely new content for the re-release, including the ability to romance a half lion hybrid man. This content was praised in the Kotaku article “Video Game Makes Banging a Half Lion Leather Daddy Surprisingly Normal”. 

2064 is out now on PC, Mac, Linux, Steam, and PS4.