2064: Read Only Memories

2064: Read Only Memories is a visual novel set in a cyberpunk universe. Players follow a journalist as they investigate one of their friends going missing, and end up uncovering something much, much greater. Jennifer was the lead writer on the re-make of the existing game Read Only Memories, rewriting much of the games existing dialogue, adjusting plot structures, and adding new content. 2064 is out now on PC, Mac, Linux, Steam, and PS4.



Overdose was made during Global Game Jam 2016, where it was nominated for Best Design and Best Audio in Brooklyn, NY’s jam location and is an official Indiecade 2016 selection. Players are chronically ill patients, who must take many pills a day to function. The screen remains white to tell you that you are healthy, and as it turns another color, you become sick. The way to cure the sickness is take the opposite colored pill, and the screen comes back to white. The theme and mechanics were inspired by both Jennifer’s experience with chronic illness, and her mother’s 6 year battle with Lyme Disease.



Shardlight is a point and click adventure game following Amy Wellard, a woman dying of Green Lung. As she searches for a cure, she also uncovers a nest of political intrigue and betrayal. Jennifer is responsible for editing and rewriting much of the dialogue as a contract narrative editor, as well as writing an original song for the music’s score. Shardlight may be purchased on Steam now.

The Hill

Screenshot (85)

The Hill is a text adventure developed during the IGDA Writing SIG’s game jam focusing on games with extensive stories to tell. Developed with Rachél Bazelais, the game focuses on a lesbian EOD specialist in the height of the the Iraq war, and her partner’s grief at her loss. The Hill can be played for free here.