Endless Summer, Book 3 (Choices)

Endless Summer is an action-adventure title in the Choices: Stories you play visual novel library. I was hired into the company right as production was ramping up on the third and final installment of the series. I had to learn and replicate 20 different character voices within the first two weeks of the job. I participated in regular story breaking rooms, even leading my own when I was in charge of the chapters.

On top of fast tone-matching and working in writer’s rooms, I wrote chapters that were high quality and never missed deadlines. I worked with my lead to make sure every chapter I sent in had less notes than the last one. I frequently collaborated with producers, artists, and QA to ensure the quality of the story.

My work was impressive enough that by the time my first five months on the project were concluded, my manager rewarded me with a substantial raise because of the quality of my work.