Ms. Match (Choices)

After my excellent performance on Endless Summer Book 3 and The Heist: Monaco, I was promoted to creative lead for my next project – a delightful romantic comedy about navigating the world of high end matchmaking!

This led to a huge explosion in terms of skill set. I was in charge of managing our asset budget and new art requests. I had junior writers collaborating with me and working under me on the project, as well as senior writers and executive leadership to report to with regular milestones for critique and feedback.

I led countless writer’s room with my team, from delivering loglines for the exec team to choose from down to every chapter. I edited and guided my collaborator’s work to match the vision I had for the project.

I consulted with the team in charge of monetization to ensure we had enough premium content baked into the story from the beginning. When the data revealed a new trend, we adjusted our premiums mid-production cycle so that we could monetize with peak conditions.

Ultimately, I served as the lead on a project over 18 months. Despite several setbacks (including the global pandemic), we produced a book that became a best seller in Choice’s VIP slate of content.

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